Since 2006 Grupo Vera has undertaken many construction projects abroad. From that time onwards we have been strongly committed to internationalisation as a key feature in our strategy for development and growth.

The search for new markets from which to learn and where we can use our know-how has consolidated our experience abroad and led us to set up permanent offices in Morocco, Colombia, Algeria and Oman. Our implementation policy is based on a sincere vocation of permanence and commitment, strongly supporting the creation of jobs and local development.

These 10 years of experience in new markets guarantees the competence of Construcciones Vera to develop international projects. The growth of our construction portfolio in the international sector is the best indicator to continue with our strategy of growth abroad and embrace new opportunities.

The construction of infrastructures is synonymous with social progress and development. In this respect, Construcciones Vera has made great contributions by collaborating to improve the living conditions of many persons.