Juan Vera Campos

The roots of GRUPO VERA go back to 1941, when its founder, Juan Vera Campos, started his business as a builder in the province of Malaga.


In 1969 CONSTRUCCIONES VERA, S.A., the germ and engine of the Group, was incorporated.


Over the following years the growth of Construcciones Vera paralleled that of the Costa delSol, participating in many key works, like marinas, industrial estates and roads.


At the end of the 1980’s, Construcciones Vera started its real estate activities, since when it has developed over 3,000 dwellings.

At present the ownership of Grupo Vera is mainly hold by the second generation of the Vera family, headed by Francisco Vera Díaz, Chairman of the Group, who has led Construcciones Vera to become one of the leading companies of this industry in the South of Spain. Over the years, its professionalism and quality of its works have allowed it to undertake projects of some magnitude, both civil engineering and building works, public works being its main scope.

In parallel with the consolidation of Construcciones Vera, the diversification in new business fields takes place, which gives rise to Grupo Vera, iniciando su actividad en el área turística y de ocio con campos de golf, hoteles, apartamentos turísticos y centros deportivos, como el Club de Hielo Benalmádena.


At the same time as Construcciones Vera became consolidated it diversified out into new business fields, giving rise to Grupo Vera. This group started work in the tourism and leisure industry, constructing golf courses, hotels, holiday homes and sports centres, such as the Ice Rink Sport Centre in Benalmadena.

Later, the concessions and services area was consolidated and Grupo Vera now participates in industrial activities related with ancillary construction services.


In 2006 Grupo Vera started its international expansion, since when it has been involved in important construction and civil engineering projects in Africa, Latin America and Portugal. Grupo Vera currently has offices in Colombia, Algeria and Morocco.


Since it started Grupo Vera has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions, notable among which are the recognition of the National Confederation of Construction on the 50th anniversary of the company, the Malaga Prize in Urbanism and Public Spaces granted by the Professional Association of Architects (1991) and the Family Business Prize granted by the Instituto San Telmo (2004).

With over 75 years of experience, Grupo Vera has become one of the largest construction companies in Andalusia. The third generation of the family now forms part of the managing board of the company, thus perpetuating the values of commitment and passion for work which characterises Grupo Vera.