D.Francisco Vera Díaz (Pte. de Grupo Vera)

“The first thing you need to start building
is raw material. Ours is the spiritof achievement”


Welcome to Grupo Vera.

Hard work, dedication and teamwork has enabled a family company from Malaga to become one of the main construction groups in Andalusia, with offices in Spain and abroad.

Our identity is based on commitment to our clients and society. The main asset of Grupo Vera is its staff: only being professional and perseverant is it possible to break through in different activities such as building, real estate development or infrastructure management. Quality and safety are the foundations of our know-how.

A corporate group intending to form part of the current business world needs to have a strong base, so as not to stall. That is exactly why Grupo Vera has been able to evolve since our founder Juan Vera Campos started his activities in 1941. Since then, after establishing our base in the business of construction, Grupo Vera has gradually branched out to establish new businesses in such areas as tourism, industry, services and real estate.

Grupo Vera  is now a consolidated business with a policy of strong growth thanks to the fact that we have never ceased to seek new opportunities and look ahead. Meeting each new challenge makes us better day by day.