Club Municipal de Hielo BenalmádenaClub de Hielo Benalmádena


The Ice Rink Sports Centre in Benalmadena is the only one of its kind in Andalusia, with a new concept devoted to wellbeing at all ages, combining sports, wellness and health. The installations cover 7,000 m2 and are designed to be able to enjoy independent experiences in each of its areas all year round.

Apart from the ice rink (first permanent natural ice rink in Andalusia), it also has two indoor pools and a gym with a large fitness room and three areas for instructor-directed activities.

As a complementary service to the sporting activities, the Centre also has specialist services in health and wellness, such as physiotherapy and nutrition.




Plaza del Carmen, Vélez – Málaga, Málaga.
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Parroquia San Andrés Apóstol (Torre del Mar), Málaga.
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